quoteorganic red wine from Basilicata for the Italian wine loversquote
The Primitivo vine is grown mainly in southern Italy, especially in Puglia, but it is fairly widespread even in Basilicata.
In Puglia e Basilicata, from Primitivo grapes they produce different red wines IGT, and DOP. In the same regions, the wines "Primitivo di Manduria" and "Primitivo Matera" have been awarded the Registered Denomination of Origin.
“Primitivo di Manduria”, undoubtedly the best known Primitivo wine, is produced in the  province of Taranto.

“Primitivo Materawine, DOC and DOP, still a niche wine, is produced in the province of Matera.
Just by way of information, the city of Matera is very known for "Sassi", one of the oldest human settlements in the world, World Heritage Sites since 1993. Also for this, Matera is  European Capital of Culture for 2019.
About its origins, we must go back to 2,000 years ago when the Illyrians brought the Primitivo vine in southern Italy from the Balkans. In this respect specific studies have been published.
It was a dispute about the origins of the "Zinfandel", very popular vine in California and in all similar to the Primitivo, to attract the interest of Croatian and Italian and American experts who have shown, producing evidence in the 90, that:
  • the Italian Primitivo derives from the Croatian grape varieties "Plavac Mali" and "Dobricic";
  • the "Zinfandel" California is not a native vine of California, but is, in effect, the Italian Primitivo.
Referring to the pages dedicated to the Primitivo wine available for purchase, we would like to anticipate the main characteristic features of this good Italian red wine.
Given that, as for all wines, flavors and fragrances can take different shades and intensities depending on the vintage and farmland or the skill of the winemaker, a genuine Primitivo wine is powerful and generous, full-bodied, round and often velvety, much appreciated for its typical aromas, ever intense, floral and spicy.