quotewine of Sicily: sweet, white, veganquote
Moscato di Noto DOP 2012. REFOSA. TENUTA LA FAVOLA. Gurrieri.
Organic wine. Vegan wine
vino biologico online organic wine
Vegan wine

  • Vintage: 2012
  • Product Code: 111674
  • Alcohol: 13,5% Vol
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Vines and Moscato wines in Italy
To completely describe the vines and the Moscato wines, you should publish a treaty!
Even if you consider only to Italy, the varieties are numerous and you could classify them in various ways.
Meanwhile there is to say that in Italy there are many Moscato vineyards, for table grapes and for wine grapes, and, soon after, that the Moscato vines for wine grapes allow to harvest fruits whites, reds and blacks.
Moreover, it must be said that some table Muscat grapes are also used to make wine. And with excellent results! Just think about the Zibibbo, used to produce the fine wine Moscato di Pantelleria.
Except updates of the relevant legislation, the varieties of Moscato vines for wine grape, admitted by law for the Denomination of Origin in Italy, are three:
  • Moscato Bianco.
  • Moscato Giallo or "Trentino", also known as "Muscatel" or, for DOC wines made with grapes harvested in the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, also as "Goldmuskateller".
  • Moscato Rosa; also known by the synonyms of Moscato Rose and Rosenmuskateller, the second used for the DOC wines produced from grapes harvested in Trentino Alto Adige.
The Moscato Bianco is the Moscato vine most cultivated in Italy, with the highest concentration in Piedmont.
However many fine wines made with Moscato Bianco grapes are produced along the Italian peninsula, including the islands.
Insights about the characteristics of the Moscato wine available for purchase online are present in own dedicated pages.