quotethe wine of kings? is made with organic Nebbiolo grape!quote
Barolo DOCG. Riserva 2008. Camparo. Organic grapes.
Italian wine.
vino biologico online organic grapes

  • Vintage: 2008
  • Product Code: 111681
  • Alcohol: 15% Vol
€ 24,00

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Characteristics of Barolo wine
The Barolo and Barolo Riserva wines have obtained the DOC with DPR 04.23.1966 and subsequently the DOCG with the DPR 07/01/1980 (Italian law).
The above mentioned laws and the subsequent amendments define the Production Regulation of Barolo wine, Piedmont red wine among the most appreciated and popular in the world and lay down the rules for its production and for admission to the market.
Here, among others, some important characteristics of Barolo DOCG wine: 
  • is made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes, grown in the territory of 11 municipalities  designated by the mentioned Production Regulations;
  • must be bottled and can age only in the municipalities mentioned above;
  • the minimum aging is 38 months for Barolo wine and 62 months for Barolo Riserva wine, of which 18 wooden for both of them;
  • the release for consumption is permitted from 1 January of the fourth year following the harvest for Barolo wine and from 1 January of the sixth year following the harvest for the Barolo Riserva wine;
  • the grape yield must not exceed 8 tonnes per hectare;
  • the yield of wine per hectare must not exceed 5,600 liters. 
The Barolo and Barolo Riserva wines must also have the following characteristics: 
  • minimum alcohol content 12.5% by volume;
  • ruby red color;
  • dry taste and full, elegant and harmonious. 
Barolo DOCG is a fine wine after four years of aging. The bottles produced in the best vintages offer great emotions up to 20 years of aging.