Sulfites in wine are bad for health?

When it comes to sulfites, often and first of all we think at the wine. Normal!
That nagging headache that many of us have experienced sipping wine, sometimes even a few glasses (and maybe it was also a "good" wine), has definitely brought all of us to a conclusion: sulfites in wine are bad for health.
And it's true. Although, probably, those few glasses of wine are not the only ones responsible for our malaise.
Into the list of foods that contain sulfites, the wine is in good company. Just to give some examples, since they are an effective antiseptic and a good preservative, these substances can be found in:
  • charcuterie;
  • jams and preserves;
  • dried fruit;
  • fruit juices;
  • fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
Various information sources tell us that the upper limit of sulfites to be assumed on average in a day by a healthy person, would be equal to seven tenths of a milligram per kilogram of body weight.
Well, there is no doubt that the sulfites in wine are bad for health, as it is equally true that the wine is a source of these substances.
For example, a conventional white wine can contain up to 200 mg of sulphites per liter.
With reference to the above limits, a woman who weighs sixty kilograms, would have a maximum daily limit of sulfites equal to forty mg. This lady should contain strictly the amount of a conventional white wine, especially when accompanied by foods such as those just mentioned.
In conclusion, we must give up our beloved wine?
As for us, we like the wine! so we will continue to taste fine wines and enjoy them!
But we take some shrewdness: rather than save, we drink less; we carefully choose the foods we are going to pair with our wine; we try to know the choices of producer about the wine storage and preservation of its organoleptic qualities; we choose organic wine; we drink in moderation.

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