About organic farming

Organic farming in Italy
Just like you, we love the genuine food and the authentic flavors.
About our job, was and is to propose online only organic wines.
Underlying this choice are the following reasons.
The organic farming and, of course the organic viticulture, in Italy: 
  • does not use GMOs;
  • does not use chemical fertilizers;
  • does not use and synthetic herbicides;
  • does not use insecticides and fungicides. 
In relation with the last items above, recently FederBio - an association of Italian farmers - has put in evidence that environmental impact and residues on wine of insecticides and fungicides, of course depending on the size and frequency of treatments, are even more significant than those arising from the use of herbicides and fertilizers.
What we've said above about the organic farming, it is not only a choice: it is a legal requirement encoded by European and national rules.
Those who produce organic foods, as organic wines also, in Italy as in Europe, are subject to a European standardized control system.
For those who produce "organic wine", regular checks carried out by the competent Ministries through authorized bodies, are designed to verify compliance with the law, both in the vineyard and in the winery. And these controls include even sampling checks in order to exclude even accidental contamination by substances not permitted.
In addition, we would like to remind everyone that organic farming also involves activities like: 
  • crop rotation;
  • planting of hedges;
  • care of the neighboring woods to crops;
  • creation and maintenance of ponds 
the latter two, even to house the fauna useful to counteract the harmful.

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