What rules about the Italian organic wine? and what about the so-called natural wine?

 About natural and organic wines.
We are delighted that, recently, consumers around the world speak of "natural wine".
We love anything that can help spread a lifestyle so-called "green". 
Have you ever wondered what are the objective criteria that help all of us to identify a "natural wine" or an "organic" one?
Us we sell online wine across the world and, of course, for us is not simply a curiosity!

Well. As for us, we soon discovered that the so-called “natural wines” are produced according to subjective criteria and there are no codified rules to define "natural" a wine. While the opposite, the producers of "organic wine" have to observe the rules and the relevant regulations stated by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (in this case we are talking of Italian organic wines and of Italian Ministry). Also they have to undergo periodic checks by bodies authorized by the Ministry.

In few words, while noting that the market offers many good "natural wines", we also have to say that "natural" in the case of wine it could be a simple claim.
So all we want say is: caution!

And we are not the only ones to say the above.
Recently also FederBio – Federazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica e Biodinamica – has made such a finding.

In addition, we must specify that also if we made reference to Italian organic wines, Italy, in addition to impose its laws, has adapted to European laws about organic wine  as all the European nations have done.

Drink less. Drink better. Drink genuine wine!

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