For red wine lovers and young an interesting purchase: the slightly fizzy Italian Lambrusco Emilia wine

The Lambrusco Emilia wine is produced in the country of the Brunello and Barolo wines: Italy.
Also the Lambrusco wine is a full-bodied red, dry or sweet, in any case it is a wine to be drunk young. Unlike the famous Italian reds such as Brunello or Amarone and Barolo it is a red wine slightly fizzy whose structure is not suitable for aging. In exchange, the Lambrusco dell'Emilia wine is one of the few reds Italians that you can drink well chilled.

Lambrusco Emilia is one of those wines that bring cheerfulness with its bubbles and its unmistakable taste of young wine and fresh. In Italy a glass of red wine Lambrusco is also choosed for spending time with friends while you are eating peanuts and various appetizers. Many Italian wine-bar serve to their customers a glass of slightly-fizzy Lambrusco Emilia wine paired with various Italian foods during the so-called happy hour (an aperitif).
Lambrusco, with Prosecco and Moscato, is the Italian wine among the most loved by women for its very pleasant taste. Many women choose this red wine for its pleasant and lively approach to the palate.
The one we are selling online is a Lambrusco that our customers choose for:
  • Its interesting price
  • Because it is a natural sparkling wine
  • Because they are buying organic wine (UE certified) directly from Italy
Yes friends … the Sorelle Schiavi “Mafalda” Lambrusco Emilia wine has been made following the ancient traditions,  in other words natural fermentation, namely  “classic method" in Italy, and it is organic wine also!

Purchase this dry sparkling wine with confidenze! In a few minutes you place your order informing about your address for home delivery: we ship directly from Tuscany.
And please share with us your tasting notes: "feedback" at is at your disposal!
We wait for your tasting experience!

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