Shipping costs of wine from Italy to United States include duties and tax?

A lot of wine lovers normally purchases Italian wine in the US.

A great number of them often buys online. For those who still are asking themselves about duties and tax in order to purchase online their preferite wines directly from Italy we would like to tell how it works in

Before all, it's necessary inform you about the following items:

  • our customers can chose between 3 different profiles of costs in order to ship the purchased wines;
  • of course, the shipping costs vary as a function of the number of bottles;
  • the shipping costs from Italy to United States change depending on the speed of delivery expressed in the table that we have published on the website.

That said, once our customers have chosen their shipment profile and the related cost, they have to know that there are NO other costs.

In fact, as specified in the published form at, duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries in the US are INCLUDED in the shipping costs.

Number of bottles
<= 3
€ 61
€ 86
€ 104
€ 72
€ 94
€ 117
€ 81
€ 101
€ 128
€ 88
€ 108
€ 143
7 - 9
€ 117
€ 137
€ 187
10 - 12
€ 134
€ 154
€ 224
13 - 15
€ 167
€ 192
€ 277
16 - 18
€ 194
€ 229
€ 314
19 - 24
€ 242
€ 282
€ 407
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Delivery Times
15/22 Working days
7/12 Working days
4/7 Working days
Customs inspections
Not included in delivery times for all type of shipment

That's why when you chose a wine online at, if you reside in US, you will see that its price doesn't includes VAT.

So if you reside in the US and want purchase Italian wine straight from Italy
you know that is possible and easy.

All the wines listed by sunnyfinch are availables for immediate delivery.

You already know about the time of delivery? About 1 week from your order!
Purchase your wines in Italy, even if you live in the US! Online. Safely. We take care of everything else!

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