Chianti Organic Red Wine: perfect with a juicy steak

Have your friends surprised you with chianti organic red wine? Do the same, after learning all there is to know about Sunnyfinch in the following paragraphs!

The book “Silent spring” by Rachel Carson represents a milestone in the history of ecology: for the first time, someone talked about the negative aftermath of the abuse of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture, describing a possible (and not so imaginary…) world in which spring was silent, because fewer plants were showing their flowers and less birds were chirping.

Since then, many actions have been taken in order to produce food in a better way: organic and biodynamic farming are the two most relevant examples, and if you are curious about chianti organic red wine then Sunnyfinch has a lot to tell you.

Grapevines can be delicate plants, subject to different problems and diseases such as:
  • flavescence doree (an extremely dangerous phytoplasma disease brought by the American grapevine leafhopper);
  • downy mildew (Peronospora), maybe the most common problem on grapevines;
  • powdery mildew (a widespread fungal disease);
  • Botrytis cinerea (corrupting the grape skin and spoiling the taste of the wine);
  • grape phylloxera - a pest that almost destroyed all vineyards around a century ago.
The producers selected by Sunnyfinch have decided to fight these kind of adversities by adopting natural remedies.

And this in turn means that your chianti organic red wine will be simply one of the best you have ever tried in your life of wine enthusiast… or at least you should try and judge first! Your new purchase is only a few clicks away.

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