Buy Italian wine in the United States

Buy Italian wine for those who reside in the United States is now easy.
There are essentially two ways to do this:
• go to a store specializing in Italian products in their city
• buy online
For those who choose to buy wine online, we all know, the Internet offers a wide choice.
  There are US operators: these are companies that normally import wines from Italy to store the products in the United States, pending the sale.
  Then there are Italian websites that receive the orders and forward them to the producers in order to ship the products sold.
  Finally, and this is our case, there are websites for online sale that own products in stock ready for delivery and are able to ship quickly and autonomously. These operators once received the order online, shall endeavor, each with their own times, to ship wine directly from Italy to the US customer's home.
The Italian company SUNNYFINCH Ltd. is located in Tuscany. The wines offered for online sale are all kept in controlled temperature and humidity and availables for immediate delivery. The wines are assigned to best express couriers and we use perfect packaging for preserving wines: temperature changes or shocks during transport are not a problem.
Buy an Italian wine on the website of sunnyfinch is really easy and convenient:
  • the choice of the product is supported by complete descriptions;
  • comments of those who have already experienced online purchases on the website are available for new customers;
  • the online order is simple and intuitive;
  • payment is fast and secure;
  • shpipping costs INCLUDE duties or taxes and fees of destination countries in the US

USA Type and costs of shipment (Limit of 24 bottles per order)

Number of bottles
<= 3
€ 61
€ 86
€ 104
€ 72
€ 94
€ 117
€ 81
€ 101
€ 128
€ 88
€ 108
€ 143
7 - 9
€ 117
€ 137
€ 187
10 - 12
€ 134
€ 154
€ 224
13 - 15
€ 167
€ 192
€ 277
16 - 18
€ 194
€ 229
€ 314
19 - 24
€ 242
€ 282
€ 407
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Duties or taxes and fees of the destination countries INCLUDED
Delivery Times
15/22 Working days
7/12 Working days
4/7 Working days
Customs inspections
Not included in delivery times for all type of shipment

Waiting times for those who buy Italian wine from the United States?
One week from your online order at !

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