The best wines to impress a connoisseur (or to say simply I care about you)

Each one of us probably has been staring at the computer screen when he was looking for the best wine to gift to someone special.
And who, among his/her friends, hasn't at least a connoisseur of fine wines? The best wines to impress a connoisseur... good question!
A bottle of wine is one of those gifts which talk about us.
For a good dinner with friends, we all would like to purchase a bottle that tells how much their friendship is important.
Or the important person is only one. And the dinner is for two.
So, what to put in the online cart?
Choosing a well-known brand or a bottle that, for example, is called Brunello, Barbaresco or Aglianico del Vulture, is certainly a good thing.
It is equally important to pay attention to the markings, DOC, DOCG, DOP, IGT, because they tell us about the origin of the wine, and they confirm that it has been produced observing a Production Regulation.
However, the designations and the acronyms above tell us nothing about the levels of sulfites or oenological practices used in the cellar, nor assure us that the grapes from which they come were grown without pesticides or substances harmful to our health.
What are we trying to say?
Well, simply that the best wines to impress positively a connoisseur, a friend, or simply a special someone, we would like to choose them without a doubt among those:
  • with low sulfites quantity;
  • if we could, without addictives or chemical adjuvants;
  • surely, and at least, with a certified organic wine label.
But this, of course, is just our own opinion.
Regarding taste, preferences, white or red, dry or sparkling... nothing more to add. It would be like saying: better a hand-stitched shoe as long as it is black.

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