Best Vegan Wine to Drink with your Favourite Vegetables

The exhausting quest for the best vegan wine is finally over: read about Sunnyfinch and get prepared to try its unrivalled aroma.
As animal products might be used in wine making process, some of these are acceptable for ovo and lacto vegetarians, but not for vegans.
In some cases, a clay mineral called bentonite is used for the clarification of wine, as an alternative to products of animal origin.
In Australia it is required to list on the label the potential allergens (if used) like albumin, but nothing is defined for other fining agents that are non-vegan (isinglass or gelatin, for example).
Choosing natural wines is a responsible choice, fruit of a philosophy aiming at preserving the traditional methods of growing grapes (by banning any kind of synthetic chemicals) and of making wine (by using only natural techniques, with no artificial aids).
And the result of these simple things, easy to imagine but difficult to pursue in these modern times, is simply the best vegan wine that Sunnyfinch is proud to offer to its affectionate customers. They decided to trust Sunnyfinch because of its major features:
  • broad wine selection;
  • guaranteed quality;
  • fast and reliable shipping;
Sunnyfinch, besides the best vegan wine, offers you also the famous organic, extra virgin Italian olive oil, made exclusively with olives coming from certified organic cultures, not filtered to preserve all its original taste.
When it comes to best vegan wine, don’t waste your time and join the customers who already chose Sunnyfinch with great satisfaction.

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