Best Organic Red Wines Certified and Produced Carefully

Do you want to try a selection of the best organic red wines? Then check those listed by Sunnyfinch, and for sure you will find your favourite wine! Read more about them in the following text.
Wine is obtained from one (or even more) varieties of the plant called Vitis vinifera. Is case the grapes of one variety are predominant, the wine is “varietal”, otherwise “blended”.

In Italy, some varieties particularly suited to organic viticulture are:
  • Sangiovese;
  • Aglianico;
  • Nebbiolo;
  • Moscato.

Hybrids, resulting from genetic crossings, are also used in wine making, as well as in the production of jam, grape juice or jelly. Grafting is different than hybridization, and its main purpose is increasing the resistance to some root louse.
Sunnyfinch is a young and dynamic company, which carefully selected some small-scale wine producers located on the Italian territory. These producers are basically passionate farmers, who like to focus on the cultivation of high quality grapes and on the wine making process, in order to obtain the best organic red wines.
Therefore, they have little or no time for marketing. Sunnyfinch then wants to be a bridge between them and organic wine enthusiasts, who are constantly in search for the genuine and natural flavours of the best organic red wines.
They will be satisfied by what can be found in Sunnyfinch’s catalogue: only wine produced with top quality grapes, with a strong connection with the territory of origin and the traditional, local methods of vinification.
On the other side, these passionate farmers will enjoy the satisfaction of selling the fruits of their labour to competent customers, who will appreciate them. For an important dinner with the people you love, choose the best organic red wines from Sunnyfinch’s catalogue, and be sure it will be a success!

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