Organic wines Italy: something to know before purchasing

The organic wine in Italy can be done exclusively with organic grapes and by a process of vinification that must observe required protocols.

If we wanted to summarize in a few words the main characteristics of those that people call organic wines Italy it would be enough sum up the philosophy of production of the Italian green winemakers (where green = certified organic wines and certified organic viticolture): get grapes and wines of the highest quality in function of the climate of each year.

It seems an advertising slogan. But it is not.

Being understood that when we say "grapes of the best quality" we mean healthy fruits, whole and perfectly ripened, the aim of the best quality standards for organic viticulture is not just a matter of philosophical vision. It is a forced choice!

The grape quality is critical because diseased fruits or attacked by mold and parasites, grapes not collected the right ripeness and, as it often happens, not manually selected before the de-stemming, require a lot of  "adaptations" in the process of transformation into wine.

Why are we saying this?

The matter is that among the most important characteristics of the so-called organic wines Italy there is exactly the observance of certain vinification protocols that prohibit adaptations or optimizations obtained by:
  • Correctors and additives from chemical synthesis;
  • Oenological practices such as the reduction of alcohol or sulfur dioxide by physical processes;
  • Heat treatments beyond 70 °C or, still, interventions of partial concentration by cooling.
Of course those listed above are only some of the limitations and prohibitions imposed by the EU Regulation. 203/2012, the European law governing the production of organic wine.
This important provision is the final moment of a discussion lasted years and it is the guideline for European producers of organic wines. To this law you can refer if you want to deepen the knowledge of the so-called organic wines Italy.

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