Organic wine production regulations

In recent years, while the market for conventional wines recorded declines in sales, organic wines have maintained their market share and, indeed, they showed increasing business volumes.
These results have produced the natural consequence of a growing attention from Italian and foreign media on the world of so-called natural wines.
As for us, we hope more information about the certified organic agriculture and, in particular, more news about the organic Italian viticulture. In Italy many and really  talented wine growers have chosen the path of certified organic wine.
So, we would like more information from the media about the words: organic wine production regulations.
Maybe our research are not exhaustive and complete.
However, it seems to us that recently some blogs, magazines, etc., are very engaged to post ratings and reviews about "natural wines", "true wine", "free wine", "independent wineries" (and who knows what else we will learn).
Sometime though, but we could be wrong, it seems that many "gurus" of the wine are working with the purpose of making identifiable some wine producers who want to distinguish themselves for "a certain way of making wine" (but it seems that they are not the farmers who produce up to 20,000 bottles a year). 
As for us: 
  • there are the production regulations of the conventional wines;
  • there are the organic wines production regulations. 
In short, welcome to those winemakers who try to make healthier and tastier wines. Well done to the disciplinaries born from associations or individual wineries that offer wines without chemical synthesis and low levels of sulfites.
At the same time, we want say loud and clear that these standards are subjective rules, compliance with which is self-certified and not subject to formal controls.
As for the production regulations of organic wine, for obvious reasons of space, we refer to the EU Regulation 203/2012 laying down the rules to be observed to produce organic wines in Europe for those who want to use the logo  and the words "organic wine" on the bottle.

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